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Do ever feel like you are on a spinning wheel, the merry go round in life? Feel Unhappy? Stressed? Loss of Sleep? Overweight? Dull drums? Unfulfilled? Feeling of hopelessness? What if I told you I have a program that can help change all areas in … [Read More...]

Master Kelly on DVD


Dennis kellys long time sparring partner  

Myself and master kelly have been sparring partners in karate for 25 years now and he never fails to amaze me that at 78 years old still spars and trains harder than people half his age.He is an inspiration to old and young people and has over come many obstacles and challenges in life but always proves that these obstacles can always be over come!I highly recommend masters Kellys classes to everyone as he will show you theres a champion in all of us!


Ever since I was 5 I knew I had a passion for movement. My dance career has blessed me to help others find one's inner passion for healing with the art of movement in Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet. Master Dennis Kelly's work is the connective glue that supports all forms of movement. Master Kelly has spoken to my heart through his work and will forever enrich my life from the inside out.


“As a Personal Trainer, Sales Representative and club Director, Master Kelly certainly proved that he had important business and athletic skills as well as exceptional human traits. He is a man of integrity who has a profound personal concern for others. Seldom does one have an opportunity to work with such a gifted individual. His nationwide seminars preach and teach the message that health and fitness and solid human values that include honesty, respect and self-reliance, can make anyone a peak performer and a winner in life. I am proud to have Dennis as a friend and colleague”
–Kevin Donofrio, Owner Athletic Clubs of America


“Testimonials noted decreased stress, lowered blood pressure, weight loss, and more energy"

-- Kelli Trapp, Wellness Ed., The Home Shopping Network


“Yours is a real success story, and I applaud both your passion and your commitment to add value to people’s lives. One of my greatest joys is getting the opportunity to hear about the resourcefulness and dedication of individuals such as yourself. Congratulations on pursuing your dreams”

– Anthony J. Robbins, Robbins Research International, Inc.


“Most of what a person reads concerns only diet and fitness, but your program goes way beyond these measures and adds the additional concepts of developing improved mental health, more reasonable goal setting, and encouraging satisfaction in one’s self.”

– Loren W. Hunt MD, Mayo Clinic


“I am very pleased with the results that I received from my work with Master Kelly. We used physical exercises like Chi Kung and Tai Chi along with goal setting and guided imagery. I obtained more flexibility and fluidity, gained mental sharpness and focus. I had fun and believe will help me on and off the playing field.”

– Todd Yoder, Tampa Bay Buccaneers